Thursday, September 6, 2007

Prime Minister Helen Clark condoned sexual child abuse

The Prime Minister Helen Clark said “ no" to domestic violence. She goes on further to say that people committed to domestic violence;
“ That is not loyalty. It is harbouring criminals.”

I was being loyal to my blood children when I wrote to the Prime Minister in 2002 after unscrupulous people abducted my two daughters. These people were guilty of providing false allegations to the authorities to cover up historical and representative paedophila.

I got many replies from many Labour MP’s and Prime Minister stating that my two daughters were safe and I should get on with my life –

“ CYFS did investigate the complaint regarding your daughters and found no cause for concern regarding their circumstances. The Department is unable to act on unsubstantiated information or ‘hunches’, such as you have had.”

Last week Police finally launched a sexual abuse investigation after my “hunches “ proved a dad’s worse nightmare and they said that the many stupid politicians should have not said that.

The sinister Labour Government want to destroy the bond of love between the biological dad and his daughters so they can make the little girls vulnerable and prey for the evil bastards that take advantage of their naiveté. They have spent well over a million dollars smashing the child/father relationship and for what? The damage to my daughters is horrific and I am livid as both the Prime Minister and Childrens Commissioner have repeatedly asked police to incarcerate me for various matters .

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