Sunday, September 23, 2007

Transvestite in a spat .

Christchurch Press Letter to Editor
In a few words section September 18th

Is it little wonder that I am a disillusioned constituent and bewildered father of four children when it is deemed normal to have a tranny granny sitting behind a High Court bench at the same time a Law Commissioner proclaims that our law books are in state of chaos (Sept 13)?

Reply - letter titled; Just what I am
September 21st

Peter Burns seems to questioning how a tranny granny could end up sitting behind a High Court bench (Sept 18). He goes on to tell us he is a father of four and disillusioned. He then seems to try to link a law commissioner’s proclamation that our law books are in a state of chaos to the same event.

As the tranny concerned, I can tell Peter Burns that some of the reasons I was picked to sit on the tribunal involved in that High Court case were my board life experience, as well as, many years of community service.

That includes fostering around 70 children over 23 years, as well, as being and elected councillor. In 1998 I was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Being a tranny had no bearing on any of my achievements – it’s just what I am, something I have never let interfere with my goals of being the best person I can.

Jacquie Grant


Anonymous said...

No wonder you are frustrated with the Human Rights Review Tribunal .

It seems hardly fair to have a system that allows a transsexual to adjudicate on matters concerning unlawful gender discrimination ?

In my view the perceived bias and prejudice is sufficient grounds for your protestations.

I like your site .

Jacquie said...

Given your slant on this issue I would assume that the same would apply where there were cases of discrimination by hetrosexuals against other hetrosexuals, anyway the facts are I have never sat on a gender discrimination case as depending on the circumstances it may not be appropriate, and I am glad to see you are far more informed than the dad of 4 and can get your terminology sorrect, transsexual rather than transvestite which is usually a hetrosexual male person who dresses in the clothes of the opposite sex for sexual gratification.