Tuesday, September 11, 2007

d4j to Minister of Corrections

In my opinion the Minister of Corrections & Police are fob off experts. The police Complaints Authority are callous corrupt cretins who have sullied my dignity and breached the Human Rights of my family , including my female partner who was assaulted by police . Talk about a excersize in futility . Battling against such a dysfunctional white elephant bureaucratic inertia is hopeless and pointless. for example ;

Here is the paper trail from the gallery of the absurd Liarbour fools ;
email 28 August 2006
Title - d4j to Minister of Corrections

Dear Minister,

In 2002 I was Court directed to a compulsory mental health treatment order because I wanted to reconnect with my stolen daughters, whom I brought up on the West Coast, as a happy father to them in their early childhood years.

Unfairly I was ordered by a judge to month in the DUC Unit 24-hour lock down, no privileges, at Paparoa Prison. The first week locked up like an animal was in the round cell and I was forced to wear padded jacket and paper overalls for three court appearances. Then a judge ordered me to Hillmorton hospital where I spent two months locked up in the forensic maximum-security ward . I was forced to take psychotropic medication which was scary!

The police van would come from Paparoa Prison and stop at the Hillmorton hospital where they would pick me up for Court. The police would then put me in a van full of dangerous prisoners and savage inmates who were told by police that I was a paedophile regularly beat me senseless. Police paraded me before Court 15 times for two psychological abuses of protection orders. I had to fight for my life on every van trip to the Christchurch courthouse .Is this fair or is this how your feminazi government treat falsely accused fathers! After months I was finally sentenced to probation and police were highly annoyed that I did not get more prison.

In one week I was beaten so bad the doctors and nurses at Hillmorton hospital rung police who laughed at them. They said to them that I deserve everything that is dished out to me.

Is it all right for a patient at a psychiatric hospital to be put in a van full of violent prisoners? What about my rights and safety as a medical patient? Is it all right for police to try and incite violence by stating that I was a child abuser?

I expect answers from you as a minister as some serious questions have got to be answered here, however I know your pathetic government is a dishonest jellyfish and I fully expect you to fob me off much like all your other deluded cronies that I have previously dealt with!

My heart goes out to Liam John Ashley, but what would you care?

What a disgrace this country is.

Peter Burns

Subject: Re: d4j to Minister of Corrections
To: "Peter Burns"
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 07:19:01 +1200

Thank you for your email message. This note is to acknowledge
receipt of your letter that arrived in my office today.

Although I am not able to provide a personal response to every email I
receive, all messages are carefully read and considered.

For West Coast/Tasman constituents, it would be appreciated if you
could also forward a postal address so that a hard copy reply can
be sent to your home.

For other correspondents, where I have portfolio responsibility for the
issues that you have raised, I will ask the Ministry to assist with
providing a reply

Thanks again for keeping me informed of your views.

Yours sincerely
Hon Damien O'Connor


A. Office of Hon Damien O’Connor
Minister of Corrections.
29 August 2006
Min 487

Dear Mr Burns

Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister of Corrections, has asked me to thank you for your letter of 28 August 2006 regarding your complaint about police actions while transporting you to and from court.

A copy of your letter has been passed to the Minister for his information.

As the matter you raise comes under the portfolio responsibilities of Hon Annette King, Minister of Police, I have also forwarded your letter to her office for her consideration.

Yours sincerely
Kelley Reeve
Private Secretary: Corrections.

B.Office of Hon Annette King
Minister of Police.
4 September 2006
Our reference MIN06005687

Dear Peter Burns

The Hon Annette King, Minister of Police, has asked me to thank you for your recent letter regarding police actions while transporting you to and from court.

The Minister has asked officials to look into matters you have raised. You will receive a response as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Rachael Bambery
Police Private Secretary.

C.Office of Hon Annette King
Minister of Police
27 September 2006

Dear Mr Burns

Thank you for your email of 28 August 2006 about a complaint of the actions and behaviour of some police.

I have been advised that these matters referred to the Police Complaints Authority, an independent body that receives and investigates complaints about alleged misconduct or neglect of duty by any member of the Police. The Police Complaints Authority was established to ensure complaints are investigated independently of politicians or police.

I am also advised that the police Complaints Authority completed it’s inquiry in 2003.

Yours sincerely
Hon Annette King

The complaint to the PCA is far from finished, as I am far from satisfied with the fob off by a government clearly intent on mucking legitimate grievances around in circles of unaccountability. If the PCA has finished it’s inquiry Ms King then what are these letters received since 2003, namely;

D. Police Complaints Authority write;
30 June 2004
Ref: 01-1187/bpd
Judge I A Borrin

Dear Mr Burns fob off.

E. Police Complaints Authority;
15 February 2007
The Hon Justice Goddard

Dear Ms E really sad fob off .

F.Office of Hon Damien O'Connor
Minster of Corrections
5 June 2007
Min No:295

Dear Mr Burns

On behalf of the Hon Damien O'Connor , Minster of Corrections , I acknowledge with thanks your letter dated 30 May 2007, regarding your request for employment .

Please note that employment matters are the responsibility of the Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections and the Minster of Corrections does not have authority to intervene.

The Minster has therefore referred your letter to his officials at the Department for a direct response . You may expect a reply in due course.

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Minster .

Yours sincerely
Samuel King
Private Secretary : Corrections


Anonymous said...

I am visiting your site for the first time. I have not enjoyed your postings on Kiwiblog, nor those of philu. This has meant that I have been unable to encourage others to visit that site. I am here out of curiosity. On reading this posting on your blog, I am appalled at the treatment that you have received whilst in custody. Reading the replies to your approaches to Ministers, I appreciate the overwhelming sense of frustration that you must feel. I suggest,however, that a more temperate approach in your postings would gain widespread support of people such as I, and make your arguements more compelling to those whom you wish to influence. Having visited this site, I look forward to your return to Kiwiblog (hopefully with self moderated postings).

jack said...

"The police would then put me in a van full of dangerous prisoners and savage inmates who were told by police that I was a paedophile regularly beat me senseless."

If the cops did that to me I'd go on a Stanley Graham style killing spree.

Educator-To-Be said...

You have a fascinating series of posts. Stick to your principles! Amy