Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zoe wants her Daddy


Every day I watch the other Children in play school

Daddies dropping them off , I pretend I`m cool

No hugs no kisses from my daddy will I receive

I sit hugging my knees and wipe my tears on my sleeve.

Where are you my Daddy?

I wonder as to sore that is in the centre of my heart ?

These lumps in my throat have been there at the start.

As the dam of tears trickle slowly down my cheek,

Mom says I`m a big girl can`t let anyone see I am weak.

Where are you my Daddy?

Sometimes I hope and dream in my castle in the tree,

I wait for you my hero to come out and rescue me.

I wait until the sun meets the sky until darkness falls,

Just as I search all faces that go by in the Malls.

Where are you my Daddy?

At night to sleep I must go, no bedtime stories to my hero meet,

The darkness of night fear takes shape no daddy to my dragon beat.

My heart pounds waiting for strong arms my comfort to supply,

Disappointment sets in, let down again, in myself I must rely,

Where are you my Daddy?

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