Thursday, September 20, 2007

Days of Tempest - The Liam Magill saga.

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The Liam Magill story
Written by Lea Anna Cooper

The eight year, historical Paternity battle that rocked Australia


To Liam Magill, Meredith McClelland-Magill, who prefers to be called Pat, appeared to be a truly pleasant person; a rather quiet young woman, and she was a bit different. She presented that Betty Davis-Susan Sarendon style about her. Her eyes were slightly bulging; although, now have become very prominent in recent years. Meredith was also a country girl and gave the impression of having respectable values about everything. However, as Liam would learn later, and if truth be told, he married a stranger. This unfamiliar person suddenly began to lead a double life. Liam observed her two faces once they were married. One countenance for him, and another facade for her friends and family. Meredith is essentially two different people.

This time in Liam Magill's life was surreal. Consistent with accounts by Liam, they experienced a very passionate time after they first met; but perhaps they married too soon. Meredith changed almost immediately after the wedding. Liam thought that she was merely trying to adjust to being married, but it slowly became worse. Each day he found it more challenging to talk to Meredith after they tied the knot, because she would go for days without uttering a word. To him, as a non-confrontational man, he withdrew from any possible friction, and so coupled with Meredith's stony silence, the relationship, from almost the beginning, was destined to fail.

Meredith stated that after the wedding, she realized she'd made a big mistake marrying Liam. But why then, did she stay and have three children? What she told everyone is that she was in an awful relationship, yet she enjoyed the trappings, and creating ensurances, so Liam would acquire a larger house. Liam, being a dutiful husband and trusting his new wife, gave her all of his money each payday. She found all her financial rewards of being married and supported, thus she was secured in her position, as unpleasant as it may sound. She lead Liam by the nose to complete her duties as a homemaker and mother to the three children. Meredith possessed the deck, played each and every one of her cards correctly, won the game, and collected all of the spoils.

Meredith was not diagnosed with Bipolar disorder until 1998. The quote appearing in the Bulletin was utterly false. Her first psychotic episode was in Aug 1995. A second psychotic episode occurred in early 1998. Her drug abuse is documented. Marijuana and amphetamines were her drugs of choice. Her parents boast a long, lingering guilt for allowing their four children to be raised by nannies. The McClellands are very wealthy people, and the family business in Sea Lake was always their first priority. One day this massive inheritance will go to Meredith and her three siblings; however, in the meantime, she had completely decayed the lives of her children, and what is worse, Liam Magill. He is the only man that had actually loved her, and she betrayed him without a trace of bad conscience.

This true story contains a torrent of lies, deceit and threats against Liam, whose only unsullied intention was to create a successful marriage. He gave Meredith everything she wanted, that he could afford, and this included handing to her all of his money. However, this was not satisfactory for Meredith. Even with Liam's unselfish actions his only reward was his wife's self-inflicted despondency, cheating, deceiving, prostituting herself, and incorporating the assistance of others to maintain that deception, of her more than well-hidden second life. Her heart was cold and callus, and her gratitude was entirely absent because she felt, in her own mind, that in reality, this man was paying her for her time.

Liam's case of Paternity Fraud should have won, and it almost did. But as people who read this will become aware, it's a difficult mission to pave the road for the self and others, while evil is always lurking. The world is filled with sad and irksome injustices and this true account and historical case is a shining example


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Nice letter in today's Press. Looks like The Tranny granny got the better of you.

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Oh great, how on earth did the mention of a judicial transvestite grandmother appear on a post about female perjury and paternity fraud is beyond belief?

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