Wednesday, September 12, 2007

d4j to Minister of Courts

Office of Hon Rick Barker
Minster of Courts
REF; 36

24 January 2007

Dear Mr Burns,
On behalf of Hon Rick barker, Minister for Courts, thank you for your letter on 15 January 2007 regarding your concerns with the Family Court.
I have placed your letter in front of the Minister who has noted your comments.
Yours sincerely
Carol Murray –Brown
Private Secretary –Courts

I am still waiting so I sent this email this morning ;

Dear Mr Rick Barker

Can you please tell me as the whether your response to the directive from the United Nations regarding a father whose complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee has born fruit?

Don’t you remember;

"The UNHRC says the delays in police investigations and court proceedings have denied him a fair trial and violate Article 14(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was signed by the NZ government in 1979. The present government now has 90 days to answer this charge."

I am still awaiting for your response to my 15 January 2007 letter about my extreme difficulties I am experiencing in the Family Court.

Your laborious inertia on such a sensitive and important matter does raise serious concerns as to your credibility and suitability as a competent Minister of Courts?

Yours truly

Peter Burns


DenMT said...

'Laborious inertia' may actually be the single worst phrase I have ever seen employed in formal correspondence.


dad4justice said...

I used the word laborious, as I understand it to mean prolonged effort, which will explain the dozen or so letters from the Minister of Courts, Rick Barker.

The inertia word is simple to explain. I would have more chance receiving a sensible answer from the back tyre of his Harley Davidson.

DenMT is an interesting name.

Is it short for demented?