Sunday, September 9, 2007

What only $5m a year to save our CHILDREN ?!

I cannot believe that the Children's commissioner and Minister in charge of CYFS could possibly think this lunatic idea will work ? Something as monumental and drastic as this it is totally unnecessary. It is unfair for the commissioner to make the assumption that all parents need monitoring by big brother agencies . These are the same delusional government agencies that have failed children in the past , for example, the Kahui Twins and Coral Burrows .Who can trust these people ?

I can give you explicit examples of young girls being raped by cyfs approved foster care parents - In Timaru and Christchurch . I can give you a vivid heartwrenching story where a decent /loving mother had her 5 children seized by a callous cyfs & cops, on a cold winters evening !! I can give you many painful judicial cases that involve the totally criminal actions of both cyfs social workers and police officers, who have illegally up lifted children and caused undue stress for the children ( not to mention the many shafted parents and grand parents !!) . How many more funerals will I have to attend where good parents ( usually fathers ) have decided on the spur of the moment and taken the suicide is painless option . The sinister sisterhood are powerful and combined with the bias judiciary the battle is a bit like a David - Goliath scenario.

Then , sadly , the children become clients' of the de family court ( Boshier's secret black comedy theatre side show ) , the vulnerable kids are sucked into the show as a file numbers and the family destructive government appoints them a lawyer. This parasitic lawyer then contorts the story to suit, so they can string out the $400 an hour they get in the painfully slow adversarial court system . You try and fight for your children against such a department like cyfs or the de-family court ? Remember these crackpot agencies claim to act in the child's best interests - yeah right !!

Minister of cyfs - hey Ruth Dykson bitch = What about - girls raped by cyfs caregivers , girls sexually active at 12 and don't listen to the fears of the biological father ?? Oh by the way Ruth , Ruth can't tell the truth , did you enjoy your days living in the Millerton ?

This is totally outrageous and every parent should be most concerned as this social engineering nanny state mentality will be in the hands of government agencies like cyfs who are best described by a comment made by a family court judge (to me at a FGC Ch - Ch Courthouse March 2007) ; " they are that dysfunctional they are dangerous ."

The traditional family is being broken down by socialism, because the tentacles of government, invade more and more into the social fabric of society by implementing legislation that the majority of parents find offensive.

My skepticism , confusion and distrust of this socialist big sister ideology is well founded based on common sense principles because ;
1. The smacking legislation has not stopped the number of infanticide and the present deluge of child abuse and domestic violence that has debased society .
2. This monitoring programme is yet another pathetic attempt from a lost the plot - run out of ideas government, who are prepared to skim the edges of a problem costing the country an incredulous $7 Billion a year .
3. This is just another window dressing project filed in the too hard basket , which must be over flowing by now, as the country struggles with social chaos .
4. Children deserve all the resources government can muster .
5. Will the socialist engineer brigade want to micro - chip the children in the future ?
6. Child abuse and prisoner numbers both higher than our neighbors across the ditch ?

Why the need ? Because it undermines parental power . The family and bonds of love frighten the social engineers as they fear the strong bonds of loyalty developing within family . That is not in the "ism" handbook of dirty control tricks. The Labour government is at odds with the world regarding the value of the family unit .We're out of step with the majority , but what would you expect downunder in this Amazonian communist state .


$5m-a-year to save our our children

Mandatory screening of every baby's home life is being proposed by the children's commissioner in a bold bid to halve New Zealand's shocking child murder rate.

Cindy Kiro's scheme would make it compulsory for every newborn's caregiver to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family's progress through home visits.

Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.

Dr Kiro said the scheme would cost about $5 million a year, and professional assessments suggested it could save five children a year in the first five years.

She did not know of any similar schemes internationally. "We can lead the world in it."

Briefing papers are being written for presentation to the Government's Task Force for Action on Family Violence, which launched a $14million campaign this week to fight domestic violence.

The campaign is based on the findings of a 2005 report written by Auckland University researcher Janet Fanslow, who says home visitation is one of the only proven methods to reduce the child abuse rate.

Parenting programmes also worked, but to a lesser extent.

It is estimated about 98 per cent of New Zealand parents take up the existing offer of free child health support, such as that provided by Plunket.

Dr Kiro said this system was based on voluntary engagement and was "a recipe for disaster".

Under the proposal, those who refused the support would be referred to welfare authorities, ensuring vulnerable children were monitored when they left hospital.

The system is dependant on the establishment of a suggested database tracking the development of every New Zealand child - a move which has been resisted by civil liberties groups.

Dr Kiro said progress on the database, demanded by children's commissioners since 1989, had been "immensely frustrating".

Her new proposal builds on the earlier plan to check on children at specific junctions in their lives.

She said she now had her sights set on an automatic professional assessment of every baby's needs and whether they were in any way at risk.

Child, Youth and Family Services Minister Ruth Dyson welcomed any initiative aimed at capturing the "lost families" who chose not to engage with available services. Fiscal savings, let alone lives saved would far outweigh the cost of establishing an effective early intervention programme.

She said she would look at the proposal and discuss it with the agencies.

Dr Kiro said her office had spent recent months reviewing all child abuse deaths from the past five years.

"Those children died needlessly. No amount of reports is going to change that."

This week, Prime Minister Helen Clark said 14 women, six men and 10 children were dying every year because of family violence.

Regular Unicef report cards, updated this year, consider New Zealand the most dangerous country for children, in terms of health and safety, out of 24 developed nations.

The New Zealand Paediatric Society estimates 15 to 20 children are killed through child abuse each year.

President Nick Baker said the child health and safety sector was awash with reports and reviews that were never translated into action.

"My frustration would be that they don't actually follow through on a lot of the good intentions started."

Ron Burrows, whose daughter Coral-Ellen was killed by her mother's partner, said there had been "too much talk, not enough action" from politicians and government agencies.

There needed to be better coordination between agencies and greater emphasis on protecting victims, he said.

"The people that are sitting there in Parliament have been there so long they've run out of ideas."

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ZenTiger said...

You raise some good points, unfortunately. There is a fair amount already being discussed by other bloggers, (and I've also done at least 3 posts on Dr Kiro plans now) so excuse me for just talking about the money here.

I'm not sure what the $5million directly covers, as Dr Kiro wants to link this into a National Database. I would expect establishing such a database, and getting staff appointed to work out reporting guidelines and the processes and resources required to populate the database will cost in excess of $5 million before we get to the raw cost of actually interviewing (screening) families.

So aside from the obvious potential for abuse etc which hopefully will be discussed in great detail over the blogs and out into the MSM, the budget looks woefully inadequate.